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Posted on 03-06-2013

Tools For Your Oral Hygiene

This blog will discuss some of the different tools available for home care.

  • Toothbrushes - This is a huge industry (over 1.2 billion dollars annually) and as a result, everyone wants a piece of the pie. Therefore, consumers are bombarded with commercials on why this particular toothbrush is better than that one. It could be the shape of the head on the brush, the handle, the flexibility, or the color of the brush! Any of them could work, most likely, if the person who used it first will reap the benefit!
    Some basic guidelines about toothbrushes: For most people, a stiff brush is not recommended due to the rigity of the bristles will not allow them to get "wiggle" in between the teeth and the pockets. Don't puchase a "dome" shaped toothbrush, since the bristles are even shorter on the sides, it will never get aggresive enough to clean, nor would it allow any cleaning. By using a "soft" bristle brush, it will improve your ability to get those bristles into the pockets around the teeth.
    The next question we frequently get is "Should I get an ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH?" The answer is, "yes", if it is indicated... Well, that leaves that section wide open. In other words, "If at your three month cleaning we see more decay tartar, then we would suggest a new home care regime, which may or may not include another pharmicist. Then you might ask, "Which one?" Well, there are two on the market that have held up over time that we like. The SONICARE and the TRIUMPH toothbrush. These are the high end brushes that work well in getting in around the teeth best and hold up well. They both have a lot of nice features, such as replaceable heads, travel chargers, and one base can be used for multiple family members. They also have timers and pulsing which can be good for the gums. If cost is a concern, the Crest Spinbrush is a decent one, especially for kids and it is disposable.

  • Toothpaste- With over 75 different types of tothpastes on the market. SO, how do you decide? Simple. It depends what your goal is. There are toothpastes for whitening, sensitivity, and plaque build-up and lowering pH for patients with concerns of decay. If bleeding and sensitivity with plaque control are important, then ORAREX by Rexall is found to be very effective. (We carry it if you can't find it.) If your goal is to raise your pH to avoid cavity formation and bone loss, then we have found a Baking soda toothpaste, such as the ARM AND HAMMER Baking Soda brand works very well. (We also carry this if you'd like to pick up some.).

  • Fluoride - Fluoride helps to increase the tooth's resistance to decay. It strengthens the outer layer of the tooth. Therefore, when the teeth are developing, we suggest fluoride treatments to our patients who could benefit from it. In patients who have sensitive teeth or frequent decay at the gumline, then fluoride has been know to help as well.

  • Calcium - Fuji GC AMERICA has developed a bioavailable CALCIUM that is excellent for patients with braces, limited agility and frequent areas of decay in their mouth. t is the ONLY product on the market that has been scientifically proven to REVERSE decay process using calcium. Eating calcium supplements are helpful, however, this product when brushed on the teeth, will get integrated into the outer layer of the teeth and provide excellent protection for patients against acid attacks, thereby greatly reducing the risk of decay. It is called MI PASTE and yes, we carry it as well.

  • Mouthrinses - There are several different types of oral rinses on the market today. These include some for improving your breath, some for whitening your teeth, some that are related to softening plaque in food traps, and some that offer fluride protection. In addition, there is a plaque detector rinse for kids, however, it is not as reliable as the plaque detector that we have professionally available for your kids to use at our office.

  • Dietary Supplements - Proper eating habits are a great way to minimize your dental problems. Taking a good broad spectrum multi-vitamin is endorsed by our office. This can help strengthen your gums, your teeth and lower your risk for disease. If you would like us to coach you individually on what might be best for you, please ask us when you come into our office.

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